Superior Liver Support


Superior Liver Cleanse & Support Restore and Maintain Health

Plant Based Ingredients: 50 Vegan Capsules

Silymarin from Organic Milk Thistle Seeds

Organic Kelp

Organic Rosemary Leaf

Organic Cranberry

Organic Curcumin

Organic Black Pepper



Adults, take 2 vegan capsules daily with food for superior liver health.



Milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals by picking them off before they cause cell damage. For diabetics, it improves blood sugar management and reduces cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels. Silymarin regenerates damaged liver tissue in addition to protecting it against the effects of natural toxins (fungi, venom, insect bites, alcohol, etc.) or synthetic toxins (solvents, drugs, etc.).


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