Spermadine + Activate Autophagy


Spermadine + Activate Autophagy

Plant Based Ingredients: 50 Vegan Capsules

Spermidine from Organic Natto

Spermadine from Organic Wheat Germ



Adults, take 2 – 4 vegan capsules daily with food for optimum Autophagy.



Our cells are the basis of our life. In the smallest building blocks, vital processes take place that are necessary to keep all the processes of life running.During these processes, “cellular waste” accumulates in the cells, making them tired and slow. We begin to age on a cellular basis. But is it possible to turn back the “clock”? Reverse aging is the key! Cells remain active through regular cell renewal (autophagy), which removes “cellular waste” from the cell. Spermidine is a powerful stimulator cell renewal.


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