Drinking Water AnalysisDrinking Water Analysis

Drinking Water Analysis


A full drinking water testing service is provided by Life Change Health Institute Ltd through Fitz Scientific Lab. It is advisable, that if you are considering a water filtration system, that an independent laboratory like ourselves carries out the drinking water analysis independently and then after the system is fitted that a retest is done to ensure filter system is working properly. The water sample will be tested for the “Check Drinking Water Analysis” following the European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations 2014 (SI 122 of 2014): These are, Aluminium, Ammonia, Clostridia, Total Coliforms, Colour, Conductivity, E Coli, Iron, Nitrite, pH, Hardness, Turbidity, Manganese. A Certificate of Analysis will be posted out in 10 working days along with an information sheet on understanding your results. Extra Parameters: We can also test for a wide range of other parameters which maybe of a concern in Drinking Water apart from the standard list above eg; Nitrates, THM, Langelier index (indication of corrosiveness), Lead, Copper, Arsenic Fluoride, Sodium & Silt Density Index etc. Individual prices for these can be given over the phone from our Sales team.

Upon Payment, Your Test Kit and Instructions will be set to your address. Once test completed as per instructions return to Fitz lab at address giving and you will have a full certificate of analysis within one week.