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The Highest Quality Organic Superfood Compounds. Planticine is a certified organic plant based, medicinal, superfood, tonic & elixir store. Our products have been obsessively formulated with certified organic superfoods, superior tonic herbs, algae, ceremonial grade cacao, functional & medicinal wholefood ingredients & probiotics designed to lift your spirits, activate your mind, nourish your body, heal your gut & support health & longevity. Our products are prepared consciously – either raw, cold pressed, slow cooked, brewed, infused or decocted for perfect medicinal extraction – according to Amazonian, Ayurveda & Chinese Daoist traditions. Planticine is the world’s most passionate creator of culinary medicine products which are always vegan, always organic and always medicinal. All products are created with a complex unique blend of organic whole food plant based polyphenols, nootropics, botanicals and plant hermetic compounds for optimum cellular health based on clinical anti aging and longevity research.

Minimum Purchase

At Planticine we are a very small micro business creating very unique high quality niche hand made products. All our superfoods, medicinal high dose supplements and complex blends are created in small batches using very high quality often difficult to source organic botanicals and expensive compounds. Therefore we do not hold a huge amount of stock of any product and most orders will be made to order. To facilitate this we have set a minimum online purchase of 150 Euro including shipping for all orders made online.

Cellular Nutrition and Health

The human body is composed of tiny units called cells. Cells are the building blocks of the body and the actual units of life. Healthy cell life produces vitality. Vitality is the state of being strong and active. Cellular nutrition focuses on Providing the right nutrients (raw materials) for the creation of healthy new cells from the food we eat every day. That is how nutrition plays a pivotal role in sustaining your cellular and overall health.


Planticine Specialises in High Dose Clean Expertly Extracted Organic Medicinal Products


100% Plant Based and Vegan

Superior Tonic Herbs

100% Superior Tonic Herbs Balancing Ying, Qi & Shen Energies


Medicinal Brain Enhancing Compounds which are Food-Based Nootropics for Mitigating Age-Related and inflammation related Cognitive Decline


100% Organic Without Exception

At Planticine we are passionate about culinary medicine which is to create nutritional bioavailable and medicinal products from the latest scientific advances in ageing research. Our range of supplements, dusts, medicinal mushrooms, raw cacao, tea blends and probiotics are revolutionary new products which are organic plant based clean and high dose that slow, and even reverse, the signs and processes of ageing. Planticine’s mission is to bring to market science-based anti-ageing products that really work but not just for anti ageing and longevity but for disease prevention, stress mitigation, cellular repair, energy boosting and optimum health promotion.